Monday, June 20, 2011

Plans for our new roof!

I thought I would share with you the plans for our new roof....drawn up by my amazing brother! Thanks!

Here are some pics from our recent work day too....thanks so much to my Hubby, Dad, Brother, Sister, Matt, Chuck, John, Brian, Jason, and Jonathan for helping us start our wall and fence! And to my Mom for helping with the kiddos :)

and of course I have to throw in one of the kids playing...awww!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Beautiful Floor

Last Friday was the day of the big pour!! It went fabulous :D Here was our day...

Arrival of the truck


Pouring :D



Before and After!

Now we have an amazing floor! A sturdy foundation for all we will do in this space, can't wait for all the little feet to try it out!

Thanks to Roberto and his crew! You guys have this down to an art :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Did I say we had an empty space in the first post? Well now it actually IS empty, completely!

My Dad has been a very busy guy reworking the plumbing for our bathroom and finally got it all right last week.

and on Mothers day he and I shoveled left over concrete, rocks, dirt, and whatever else we could into that hole and filled it up!

from this....

to this...

Now we are all ready for the new concrete floor!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Humble Beginnings

Here it is.....our future Preschool!

(lovely isn't it! I almost can't believe I am posting this awful picture)

While it is not much to look at now, but when I look at this broken building every morning when I pull out of the driveway, I can envision a wonderful future!

And what is it that I see exactly? I see a beautiful and simple place, one that provides the children of our community a space to express themselves however they can. I see a place that provides access to the many languages of creativity, with children freely exploring these languages and materials however they see fit. I also see myself in this space, learning along with the children!

I see a garden and fresh food, and outdoor space to run and jump and get dirty!

Overall, my vision is one of community. A place for gathering, learning, and growing!

Here is our progress so far - in pictures :D

Demolition Madness! Previously this space was an old garage converted to an apartment...we (my husband and dad...I was pregnant at the time) had to tear down walls, old flooring, old kitchen....yeah, pretty much everything!

our big helper!

There are light rays in the above picture because we also tore off the old roof! Now we will be able to pitch it and have some great passive solar light and heat :D

So now it is pretty much an empty space, just waiting for its new life full of laughter and learning!